Silver Care Toothpaste: for perfect oral care

Silver Care toothpaste was born as a result of in depth studies for perfect oral hygiene: complementary to the health and beauty of your mouth. Complete your oral hygiene:



Sensitive Gums

Enriched with vitamins and Aloe Vera it gently cleans even sensitive gums. The sodium fluoride and zinc citrate counteract the onset of tooth decay and plaque. The spicy mint leaves long lasting fresh breath.


Combined action gel toothpaste: Active Zinc Citrate combined with 2 Fluoride salts, totally protects the oral cavity from tartar and bacterial plaque. Fresh mint leaves long lasting fresh breath.


Active Sodium Bicarbonate combined with high-powered whitening Silica, leaves teeth whiter. The action of fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent the onset of tooth decay. Mint leaves long lasting fresh breath.