Interdental Cleaning



An interdental brush is the ideal instrument for effective cleaning of interdental surfaces, orthodontic braces, crowns and bridges.
Choose the brush that most suits your interdental spaces.
The ergonomic handle allows you to reach the spaces between molars.
The hygienic cap can be used to lengthen the handle.



Dental floss removes plaque that adheres to teeth and gums, polishes tooth surfaces and prevents bad breath.
Daily flossing decreases the possibility of having periodontal disease and tooth decay.


This original range of interdental brushes has a comfortable grip for controlled access in all zones.

The range comprises 5 sizes to fit narrow and wider interdental spaces. Each size has its own colour to help you to remember which brush to use.

Scovolino Ultra fine

Dimensioni Scovolino Ultra Fine

Scovolino Fine

Dimensioni Scovolino Fine

Scovolino Medium

Dimensioni Scovolino Medium

Scovolino Large

Dimensioni Scovolino Large

Scovolino Extra Large

Dimensioni Scovolino Extra Large


Interdental Cleaning

Using interdental brushes helps to prevent gum disease by getting rid of plaque and bacteria that builds up between your teeth and can irritate the gums and cause swelling. Dentists recommend regular interdental cleaning.

Also for Orthodontic Braces

Interdental brushes are generally used for normal cleaning as an addition to floss. They are easy to use, especially under bridges and around implants. They can also be used under orthodontic wires or between overlapping teeth that can’t be flossed and anywhere a toothbrush cannot reach.

Coated Wire Staff

All models have plastic coated wire for gentle cleaning. Silver Care interdental brushes are designed to be gentle, so they bend before they can damage the gum tissue. For this reason it is important to use the proper technique. Ask your hygienist for help.

Protective Cap

The protective cap can be used as an extension of the handle.