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The antibacterial toothbrush: Silver makes the difference

Did you know that the normal toothbrush that you are using can harbour different kinds of bacteria, including Streptococcus Mutans?

Many of you don’t know that there is an antibacterial toothbrush, with refillable heads in silver, which on contact with water reduce the bacterial charge by 99%.

The antibacterial action is certified by clinical tests carried out by the University of Milan. A traditional toothbrush gets infected by a variety of oral microorganisms that proliferate between the bristles, after use.

Many think that covering the toothbrush head with a bristle-cover helps, however, covering the still wet bristles increases the possibility of bacterial formation.

In Silver Care toothbrushes, it’s the silver head that makes the difference. When it comes into contact with water, in fact, it releases active ions prompting a natural and continuous antibacterial process, completely destroying the remaining pathogens amongst the bristles.


Silver Care One was designed to meet the needs of all, thanks to 3 refillable heads with different bristle types: Sensitive, Medium and Whitening.

With Silver Care you can choose the silver head that best suits your needs and change it when the bristles are worn. Instead of changing your toothbrush, just change its head.
Silver Care, besides respecting and guaranteeing your daily oral hygiene, respects the environment because changing the head and keeping the handle, limits the waste of plastic.

Silver Care ONE has a newly designed handle, heavier and with the centre of gravity shifted to the bottom. The result is an extraordinary depth, accuracy and absolute control when using the correct brushing technique.

All Silver Care toothbrushes are manufactured in Italy, implementing the highest quality material, to ensure the health of all our costumers.

Why settle for a traditional toothbrush when you can have it with antibacterial silver!

Let silver to take care of your smile!